Seminar Personal und Organisation (WiSe)

New Directions in Leadership


In this interactive seminar, students will explore five topics of current interest in leadership research and practice. For each topic, the focus will be on gaining understanding of its theoretical foundations and empirical findings, and learning from cases and exercises. To do so, students will form small groups to present on one of the leadership phenomena and write an individual essay with the purpose of developing and answering a specific research question with respect to the assigned topic.

  • The bright side of leadership: Ethical and servant leadership
  • The dark side of leadership: Leader narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy
  • Non-prototypical leadership
  • Cross-cultural leadership and leading diverse teams
  • Differentiated leadership in team contexts

Language: English

Teacher: Christoph Daldrop M.Sc.

Registration and Downloads: You will find all Information on OLAT.

Credit points / SWS: 5 LP

Dates and Location: For all information about dates and locations please see UnivIS.

Cycle: weekly

Examination Form: Presentation & Essay

Literature: Depending on topic