Chair of Human Resource Management and Organization


Welcome to the website of the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organizations at Kiel University, Germany.

Our chair focuses on strategies of effective leadership and Human Resource Management, with a specific focus on teamwork, diversity management, and training.

The empirical research conducted at our chair is quantitative, has national as well as international outreach, and is interdisciplinary. The strong practical relevance of our research provides an opportunity for organizations to benefit from this research and collaberate with us on generating findings and implementing them.

The German- and English-speaking courses offered to our students cover relevant topics in the area of Human Resource Management, Leadership, Culture and Change, as well as Organizational Behavior. Our course offers at the intersection of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior enable students to answer managerial questions using theoretical insights, make evidence-based decisions, and apply theory and research findings to solve practical problems, thereby optimally preparing them for a career in practice or science.

We regularly collaberate with organizations in both teaching and research in the area of leadership, human resource management, diversity management, team work, and change management. Please do not hesitate to contact us if interested in a collaberation.

You can find further information about our work on this website. If you have any questions, please contact us.