Research Seminar - Applied Research in Organizational Behavior A (SoSe)

In this interactive seminar, small student teams will investigate an empirical research question on the effects of leadership on well-being and health using an experimental approach. They will expand an existing research paradigm to derive their own research question and hypotheses. The seminar requires students to participate actively in the conceptualization and implementation of a scenario-based online-survey and a laboratory experiment as well as the analysis of the obtained data. The results will be presented and discussed in the last session and will be summarized in a written report by the student teams.


Topics of this course are:

  • Leadership effects on well-being and health
  • Different dimensions of employee well-being and health
  • Different leadership behaviors, such as charismatic, considerate, passive, and destructive leadership
  • Substitutes for leadership
  • Applied quantitative research methods in the social sciences 
    • research process
    • experimental research designs
    • quantitative methods for data analysis

Language: English

Teacher: Prof. Dr. Claudia Buengeler

                 Dipl.-Psych. Svenja Plidschun

Registration and Downloads: You will find all Information on OLAT.

Credit points / SWS: 5 LP / 2 SWS

Dates and Location:
Introduction to the seminar: 5.4.2018, (18:00-20:00 h)
Seminar dates: 19.4.2018, 24.5.2018, 14.6.2018, 28.6.2018 (14:15-17:45 h)
For all information about dates and locations please see UnivIS.

Examination Form: Presentation, Report

Literature: In addition to a set of core readings that will be announced in class, student teams are required to use additional literature for their research work.