Change Management (former Leadership, Culture, and Change) (SoSe)

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the complex and intriguing field of change management theory and practice. Managing and responding to change has emerged as a crucial challenge for organizations and their members in today’s global economy. The requirement for organizational members to anticipate and react to change shapes organizational processes, culture, management and leadership styles, and employees’ experiences of work, career and identity. During the course, we will examine issues including change management, resistance to change, and the role of middle managers in the change process. The course will combine attention to theories of change management and to developing practical insights on change management ideas, techniques and practices as well as challenges through class discussions, case studies, and exercises.


Part I: Foundations of Change and Change Management

  • Change Models & Theories
  • Resistance to Change & Change Readiness
  • Effective Change Management Practices (Communication)

Part II - The Role of (HR) Management, Leadership, Culture, & the Individual

  • The Role of HR
  • The Role of Middle Managers
  • The Role of Leaders
  • The Role of Organizational Culture
  • The Role of the Individual

Part III - Specific Constellations of Change and Change Management

  • Non-Prototypical Leaders

Language: English

Teacher: Prof. Dr. Claudia Buengeler

                Christoph Daldrop M.Sc.

Registration and Downloads: You will find all Information on OLAT.

Credit points / SWS: 5 LP / 4 SWS (3 SWS Lecture and 1 SWS Tutorial)

Dates and Location: For all information about dates and locations please see UnivIS.

Cycle: Lecture: weekly, Tutorial: every second week

Examination Form: Individual open-question exam, Group Workshop/Project report

Literature: A set of core readings will be announced in class.